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About Tracy

Tracy L. Barnett is a bilingual, multimedia environmental and travel writer, editor and teacher.

Walking on cloudsWith more than two decades’ experience as an award-winning newspaper and magazine writer, an educator and a book author, she incorporates literary talent and a flair for adventure with today’s new media as an audio-video producer, photographer, blogger and storyteller who crisscrosses boundaries of medium and culture.

TANZANIABut more important than medium is the message, which goes beyond language and culture. No matter where she goes, Tracy’s travels are questions in search of answers that exist on the plane of the human heart.


Now in the third decade of her career, Tracy seeks to pull together the threads of her work as an environmental writer, a travel writer and a lover of the Latin American people in a project she’s calling “Looking for Esperanza: The search for hope in a postmodern world.” Beginning in January 2010 she will be traveling from Mexico to Patagonia, visiting sustainability projects throughout the Americas and lending a hand where possible.

“As our world comes to terms with an increasingly urgent need to change our way of life or face terrible consequences, I’m turning to a people who have taught me so much over the years,” she says. “I’m looking for innovation, resilience and hope in perilous times.”

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1. MªJose - June 15, 2009

Hola Tracy:
Desde Malaga(España)te mandamos un saludo y nuestro agradecimiento por ver nuestras fotos en tu blog(Recuerdas en Granada?:Visitabamos la Alhambra mi hija y yó).
Nos alegraria saber de tí y tus viajes,a lo mejor te animas a venir a Marruecos con nosotras
Tus amigas
Maria Jose y Maria Jose

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